Marilee Ensign

Marilee Ensign

General Manager

My current focus is on classical music, education, and theatre

My current focus is on classical music, education, and theatre. I am the general manager for the Clinton Symphony of the Mohawk Valley, a private tutor, and spend many hours volunteering at the local community theatre as an actor and director.

I have been involved in the arts all of my life. My mother instilled in me a love for music and singing at an early age, and it was probably her other artistic traits that moved me toward the theatre.  I acted and sang my way through high school, and planned to get a bachelor’s degree in music. Although I eventually settled on degrees in English and theatre, it was my first semester of music history that solidified my love for symphonic music. I was brought more fully into the realm of classical music when I met my husband. His bachelor’s in music and master’s in voice and opera broadened my horizons. Classical music lifts my spirit and calms my soul. I have a profound appreciation for its timeless beauty and intellectual brilliance.

When I was asked to manage the office of the Utica Symphony Orchestra some years ago, I felt as though I had been handed a gift. It was there that I truly began to realize the role of the arts in creating a vibrant community. The arts enrich, inspire and improve our lives and communities, and attract new residents, visitors and business. And what it does for our children! According to recent studies, “Music making appears to be the most extensive exercise for brain cells and synaptic interconnections. Education, in both music listening and music making, facilitate students’ intellectual development and helps them learn other basic subjects. (N.W. Weinberger, Music in our Minds,). “Music also has the ability to foster positive attitudes and to lower truancy; to enhance creativity, and to promote social development, personality adjustment and self-worth. (James Hanshumaker, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education).

As the general manager of the Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley, I am excited to be a part of bringing professional, classical symphonic music back into the region. I am thrilled to be on the ground floor of enriching our community and reaching out to our children, who are, in turn, commissioned with keeping education healthy and our musical heritage alive for many generations to come.