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Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley, Inc.

P .O. Box 270   Clinton, NY  13323   –   315-404-2016


The Clinton Symphony Orchestra will promote and present classical music

of substance, beauty and noble design to the citizenry of the Mohawk Valley.


The Clinton Symphony Orchestra of the Mohawk Valley was established in 2014 to reinstitute an 80-year legacy of professional, classical symphonic music in our region. The Mohawk Valley is on the cusp of change and growth and we are fortunate to have a rich cultural landscape of art museums and galleries, theatres, performing arts centers, music and ethnic festivals, and various other culturally enriching organizations and events. This symphonic orchestra seeks to be a part of that vibrant cultural community every growing area needs and deserves.

All communities benefit from strong local arts scenes. The arts bring a critical energy to the economy, help draw new businesses, bring vibrancy to neighborhoods, attract residents and visitors, and augment the educational system. Artistic institutions broaden social horizons, foster a pride of place, keep our region’s historical cultural significance alive, and create an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Our professional musicians, most of whom are from Upstate New York, have vast experience here and abroad and have collaborated with our music director, Charles Schneider, for over 30 years. Mr. Schneider’s impressive resume has carried him from Broadway to television, and around the world. Perhaps the most impressive item on his resume is that he has chosen to spend the last 45 years here in Upstate New York, performing and promoting excellence in classical music.

Like any nonprofit, the symphony also holds other events featuring special artists and local celebrities, as well as themed events with food and entertainment. There are also volunteer opportunities for you and your family to get involved in our community’s arts scene as a fundraiser, board member, event planner, event and concert support, and more.

Take advantage of all the Mohawk Valley has to offer! Broaden your horizons and bring the family with you. Thanks to a grant from the John Winter Family Fund, all student tickets are free! Aside from free tickets for students, we are committed to programming that will cater to youth and their talents and help them explore what music can do for them.

Is a professional symphony new to you? Attend our Maestro’s pre-concert talks – for the whole family – and be introduced to the compositions to be played that evening. It will draw you and your family into a world of new ideas and images. You will experience the joy of opulent music, as you relax into your seat, or jump up from it to applaud the finale of an inspiring piece.

Open your world beyond what is, to what could be.  Strengthen and enhance the education of the whole family – artistically, educationally, socially and recreationally. You will leave the concert moved, soothed, inspired and awed. The symphony is committed to you and your family to help you experience all that music of this caliber has to offer.

“From the compelling preponderance of scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of music education on our emotional, mental, and expressive beings, we can conclude that teaching music in our schools is not only useful in helping students perform well on test scores, work better with peers, graduate, read, and learn, but also, it sets the foundation for a higher quality of life into adulthood, adulthood that is more likely to continue participating in this brain-boosting art that has only showed positive, safe results without any side effects in any scientific study.”



10 Compelling Studies Favoring Greater Support for K-12 Music Education by Bill Zuckerman